Wenger Confirms Henry Erroneous above comments on Giroud

Wenger Confirms Henry Erroneous above comments on Giroud

Wenger Confirms Henry Erroneous above comments on Giroud

London – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger expressly mention former players, Thierry Henry, has been mistaken on an assessment of Olivier Giroud. Wenger also reminded Henry was once was considered not to be a top player worldwide.

Following a draw between Arsenal with Chelsea, Henry claimed that Arsenal should strengthen the team with four players pillars and specifically refers Giroud is judged less have the quality to bring the Gunners the league championship.

Wenger himself believes that Henry, who had helped Arsenal win the Premier League twice, feeling the pressure to be able to give a firm opinion with respect to its reputation as the highest-paid soccer analyst in Britain.

In addition Wenger also reminded that in his career with Monaco and Juventus was Henry never doubted his ability as a footballer before finally soars with the Gunners.

“I think he is wrong. I can accept an opinion, but his comments about Giroud was wrong. Especially since I’ve heard the same thing said about Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry also own, and also Robin van Persie. And so are all world-class players, “Wenger said as quoted by the Telegraph.

“We all know how the current system of the media, especially TV. I know how it works. They encourage you to be controversial because they give you a lot of money. He can afford it,” he continued.

Smiling Wenger then also joked when responding to a question whether the skewed opinions on Henry Giroud makes now will be prohibited to visit London Colney training center. “No, but he had to pay to get in because he is now getting a lot of money.”

Giroud specifically talk about the performance of this season, which is already packed 18 goals from 22 start after plagued by injury and had to be out for three months, Wenger insists that the players must be assessed not only on the goal alone. Moreover, the ‘Gunner’ is being sped by grabbing 14 wins from 17 matches since New Year.

“You judge of the achievements of the whole team. All I know Giroud worked very hard for the team and have outstanding mentality. If the team is to look good, it contributes and even more if he could make the 20 goals or more then he has done his job,” said Wenger.