Mourinho: City should have to Reduction Points

Mourinho: City should have to Reduction Points

Mourinho: City should have to Reduction Points

London – In the midst of talks about the chances Chelsea won the title this weekend, Jose Mourinho instead give scathing commentary against Manchester City. He should be able to return calls City this season points deduction.

A step Chelsea clinched the Premier League this season. They only need three points or a victory at home to Crystal Palace on Sunday (05/03/2015) evening hrs.

In the midst of hectic subject matter of his previous –Chelsea also be highlighted associated style of play that is called membosankan–, Mourinho even allude City. The team that had become direct rivals in the title race of the season was judged deserve reduction points this season.

The reason is not because of violation of the rules of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) is applied to UEFA. As is known, last year City was fined 49 million pounds for violating FFP.

They also get a quota reduction of players in the Champions League from 25 to just 21 players. In addition, the team made by Manuel Pellegrini must limit spending salaries for two seasons and spending his players should pay attention to net income calculations.

For Mourinho, the punishment was unfair. He considered that a points deduction should be applied to offenders FFP rules.

“When Manchester City to pay a fine of 50 million because they violate the FFP, I think it’s unfair. FFP should be met and must be so. The offenders should be punished with a points deduction,” he told the Daily Mail.

Not this time Mourinho vocal related City and FFP, he had already expressed the same thing. He also again said that the rule only benefit the big clubs.

Chelsea itself emphasized would not violate these rules. FFP precisely assess Mourinho made his move on the more astute in the transfer market and manage resources.

“Our owners want to comply with FFP. He did not want to get into the dynamics about paying fines,” he said.

“FFP profitable clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Bayern, who had a huge fan base and earn huge revenue from sponsorship and sales of merchandise.”

“At Chelsea, for example, we do not want to pay any fine. We live with what we have. I feel very comfortable with it.”

“It forced us to be better, to manage our resources better, to live with what we created. It forces us to think more. We have to sell more before you buy, also be aware of what you are selling and purchased, “said the man Portugal.