Again, Madrid puncaki Forbes List of the Most Worth Football Club

Again, Madrid puncaki Forbes List of the Most Worth Football Club

Again, Madrid puncaki Forbes List of the Most Worth Football Club

Jakarta – For the third year in a row, Real Madrid becoming a football club with the highest value according to Forbes. The data also show the average value of the top 20 teams were up 11% compared to last year.

According to data quoted by Reuters, the value Madrid fell five percent to 3.26 billion dollars but revenues of 746 million US dollars, the highest for a football club in the world, enough to make El Real again topped the list.

Barcelona (3.16 billion dollars), Manchester United (3.10 billion dollars), Bayern Munich (2.35 billion US dollars), and Manchester City (1.35 billion dollars) rounded out the top five positions.

Increased revenue from TV rights and sponsorship of team uniforms contribute to increasing the value of the top 20 clubs to 1.16 billion US dollars, an increase of 84 percent from five years ago.

Eight of the top 20 teams come from the English Premier League, with Forbes mentions that it was also due to an increasing trend of the British pound against the euro and the US dollar, and also the television rights deal for the new 2016-17 season.

Of Italy, only Juventus (837 million dollars), AC Milan (775 million dollars), Inter Milan (439 million dollars), and Naples (353 million dollars) that penetrate the top 20 but its position is not higher than ninth place ,

According to Forbes, it can not be separated from the case-fixing scandal, the stadium is already old, increasing debt, and a decrease in talent on the field that occurs in Serie A over the past many years.

List of top 10

1. Real Madrid 3.26 billion US dollars

2. Barcelona 3.16 billion US dollars

3. Manchester United 3.10 billion dollars

4. Bayern Munich 2.35 billion US dollars

5. Manchester City 1.38 billion dollars

6. Chelsea 1.37 billion dollars

7. Arsenal 1.31 billion dollars

8. Liverpool 982 million US dollars

9. Juventus 837 million US dollars

10. AC Milan 775 million US dollars